Nursery «Le refuge»

Le refuge

Welcomes young orphans 0-2 years old ... and sometimes older

After many years of helping orphans of a certain age, we came to the rescue of the younger ones.

Thus, the creation of the nursery, almost 10 years ago, allows us today to receive orphaned babies from the age of 0 months to 2 years.

"Le Refuge" is located 30 kilometers from Ouagadougou, on the road that connects Bobo.

Many babies whose mothers have died in childbirth for several reasons. Unfortunately, babies are sometimes abandoned in the wild by young mothers, surprised by an unwanted pregnancy, because of the ignorance of the means of contraception.

However, the infrastructures of the nursery allow us to also receive children in difficult situation until the age of 5 years,
Age at which they will join the nursery school.

These children are taken care of by the nursery until the age of 2 years, on all levels:
Nutrition, health, education, clothes, toys (games of awakening, soft toys, ...)
With the "means on board" and above all thanks to the generosity of several people (Burkina Faso and others).

Today the nursery is well equipped, and we are currently limited to receiving other orphans to ensure the care of the children already present.

In the winter of 2016 ...

... there are 12 children currently in the nursery: Séverine, Esther, Louis, Strata, Amina, Thomas, Wend-Mi, Claire, Pauline, Samiratou, Josué, and Samuel , but this number varies very often. Faisal and Nathalie gone back to their family.

3 nannies are in the care of these children every day, and the on-site work of the volunteers is a great help.

We are in constant contact with Local Social Action, which asks us to place these babies urgently in the beginnings of difficult life.

Then she conducts "social surveys" on each child to consider a return to the family when possible, or in foster care and as a last resort in adoption proceedings

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"